Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my clothes once I've placed an order?

  1. Put Your Clothes in a Bag
    • For the first time you place an order, you can use any bag you want. For example a garbage bag or shopping bag. Any reusable bags will be returned with your cleaned clothes. Your clean clothes will come back in a Village Tub bag.
  2. Prepare For Pickup
    • Leave your bag(s) at your pickup & drop off location 30 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. It is possible our driver could be ahead of schedule.

What times do you deliver?
The expected turnaround time is two business days for most items. Depending on your location, we’ll either pick up on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Pickups and deliveries will generally be made between 8:00a-2:00p. If we pick your order up on Friday, it will be returned on Monday.

As our business grows, we will be forced to change how we schedule. As any changes are made, we will notify you. If for any reason we run into a delay, we will contact you right away.

Can I specify which detergents you use on my clothes?
You can choose between scented and unscented products, along with certain preferred brands. We do recommend unscented for people with sensitive skin or babies.

What if I have special care instructions?
When placing your order, there is a special instructions text box that will allow you to make a request. This helps us to be sure that we are caring for your clothing in the same way that you would. If for any reason we cannot accommodate your request, we will let you know.

Do you offer Dry Cleaning?
We do not currently offer dry cleaning pickup and delivery, but that could change at some point. Please let us know if that is something you'd be interested in, and we will make note of how many requests we receive for that particular service. We do offer dry cleaning at our in store location.